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My friday night

So last night was very interesting. I started out by going to the YMCA and working out. I love that place it has such great equipment. Then after leaving there I saw one of my Springboard teachers. and I talked to him for a while, hes wicked cool. From there I went and picked Bethany up at Dance. Me and her drove around for a while and then decided to go see if ppl were still drinking down at lyons, which they wernt. But I get this frantic call from pete saying the cops came and we had to go to burr feild to get the rest of the booze. When we got there, there wasnt much left. Then i get a call from someone that emmy took and bunch of adderol and drank and was freking out and throwing up everywhere. So we go to andis to find out that those FUCKERS (STEVE AND ANDI) left Sara and Emmy outside in the rain. Emmy was so sick she could have died, if it werent for us. So we took her back to my house and had her throw up more and feed her bread and water. Trying to soak up the toxins. we finnaly got her to be somewhat normal. but still rellly sick.

IF it wrent for me and bethany emmy could have fallen alseep or passed out and gone into a fucking coma.


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dude thx for helping us out man, your a true friend
Holy shit thats so FUCKED UP. its a damn good thing you guys helped her out.
hey i almost died last night too. i had brownies that were laced with something and was freaking out and puking and thought life was being sucked out of me. im jsut tryin to say that its a really good thing to help people out like that. im glad i had someone, and im sure emmys glad she had you and bethany.
Thank you so much. You guys were so fucking nice to us, and we really needed help. You are glorious!!!!!

sure anytime I wouldnt have left u 2 in the rain

you are fucking retarded theo. You wouldn't even hear my side of the story when I called you yesterday. You don't even know what was going on in my mind. I told them that they could use my bathroom and then they had to leave. I stayed outside until Lucas and Sarah went in my house to "use the bathroom". I am a horrible person? Me? I don't fucking think so. If my dad had come downstairs and yelled at you guys would that still make me a horrible person? He was going to but I told my dad I would handle it because I didn't wnat you guys to get severely yelled at. I guess I am sorry for trying to help them out at all. Stop asuming what happened. EVERYONE was drunk, including myself, so stop saying all this "andi is fucking sick" shit because I am not, at least I am not a two faced asshole who used to tell emmy to go kill her self and tell her how fat she was....remember that theo? FUCK YOU!
hey guess what andi. It dosent matter about the past, because when emmy needed help. me of all ppl helped her so that makes me a better person than you are because u did SHIT!! AND DONT READ MY LJIF IT OFFENDS YOU U STUPID CUNT.

two days ago is also in the past but you are still bringing that up... I'll take a knife to your fucking throat if you ever call me a cunt again, go suck dick you fag...
That sounds like assault to me? just proves my point even more

I tried to call you up and have a normal conversation with oyu, but all you did was talk over me, you wouldn't even let me tell my side of the stroy. I have herad from people that you think she came to door crying and screaming and that I wouldn't let her in...
well when i got there all i found was a girl litterally rolling around on the ground not knowing where she was or how she got there. And on top of it i had to deal with ronnie who was too drunk to tell me anything but "hey man i love u" and gave me a hug. all i knew was u came out yelling "get the fuck outta my house" so thats what i had to go along with

I understand what you saw, but I don't understand how oyu could have made assumptions about me based on the five seconds you were out front of my house. That's why i called you, because I ws willing to make things better until you pissed me off, and then after you called me a cunt!
Theo thank you so much. I'm so glad you didn't let the past blind you and that you helped me. i don't know what would have happend if you didn't take me out of the rain and to your house. i mixed shit which is so insanely dumb but i didn't know any better but i do now.
i understand andi's reasoning cuz parents coudn't get involved.
and personally i don't know if i should be pissed at anyone or not because i am okay now. the worst didn't happen and i'm glad for it.
thank you so much to you and Bethany for taking care of me, you don't know how much it means. i practically owe you my life.